What To Avoid When Selecting A Baker For Your Wedding Cake

For most people, the wedding cake is a huge detailing that cannot be missed under any circumstances. Yet there are others who simply disregard it completely for the reason that they consider it to be unessential. Nonetheless, when you are selecting a baker for your big day you need to be absolutely certain of them and their skills. So here are some mistakes to be aware of when making that choice. 

Leaving it for the last minute

If you are certain that you absolutely want a large tiered cake on display at your reception always plan for it ahead of time. The cake is just as important as the decor and dress. Imagine picking a baker the last minute only to have to stuff yourself with tasteless wedding cakes Auckland! These need to be tested prior to placing an order especially if it is the first time you are working with him or her. On the other hand, you also need to try cakes of numerous bakers before selecting one. So don’t ever leave it for the last minute.

Letting outsiders become too involved

Don’t forget this is your big day and you are the one spending for it all. In such instances letting outsiders become too involved in selecting your perfect custom cakes, dress, decorations and such is only going to make life much harder for you. So if you are going to be the one eating (of course not by yourself) don’t let the others decide things for you. If you want to go for cheesecake then go for it. Want a cake with skeletons and spider webs? Who’s to stop you from it!

Not having the deets in writing

You might be picturing your cake to be something out of this world. But when it comes to describing it to your baker, you might not be the best at it. To avoid being disappointed at the end of the day start off by discussing things with the baker and having them written down. Penning things down works like a charm in getting you exactly what you want. So take your time and keep note of every little thing. It will make life easier for you and your baker!

Choosing a flavor of only your choice

While it your big day and you should be arranging things the way you want, when it comes to cakes or any food served in general, it is recommended that you take the guests into account too. You might be a huge fan of a certain unique flavor but it might not be something that the guests would necessarily enjoy. This would either leave you spending money unwantedly while the guests throw them away or unhappy guests leaving your party. Therefore, stick to a common flavor that everyone would enjoy and something that is also your personal favorite. This way it is a win win to all!

Disregarding shades

Today pink is not just pink. There is coral pink, dark pink, hot pink, light pink and all sorts of pink! So if you want to make sure that your baker gets the right shade, carry a sample color to be shown. This will prevent a mismatch in shades especially if you are using the cake in a way where it brings out the theme of the day better.

Avoid the above and enjoy one happy and perfect big day!